Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Economic intelligence produces solutions to how people, institutions and societies share resources they have among various needs; it examines the behaviors that individuals make in this context in terms of benefits and costs. the design and results of economic policies, inflation, international economic relations, crises, regulations about the competitive environment, market mechanisms, economic growth and efficient production methods are the main research areas of this science.

Department of Economics, students can interpret Turkey and the world economy, they can provide a quantitative research infrastructure. The department's education program is shaped around basic economic theory, the functioning of economies and the lower branches of economics. financial markets, public finance, environmental economics, game theory, competitive economics, industrial and international economics.

Students acquire a strong economic foundation in the first two years of the course. The economic program advances the level of knowledge with the scientific projects and applications they analyze through software. From the third year onwards, the program acquires a new direction through the field selection for the specialization of students. Macroeconomics, microeconomics, managerial economics academic economics titles that concentrate on general economics and postgraduate studies in which the three fields are studied together are specialization alternatives of the students.

Other areas of focus for the faculty include the Political Science and Public Administration Department's undergraduate program covers topics such as Turkish politics, comparative politics, political theory, sociocultural studies and public administration. International relations are a science that investigates political, economic and social developments at global and regional level, international relations and cooperations between states, organizations and other powers.


• Business (Turkish - English)

• Civil Aviation Management (Turkish-English)

• Tourism and Hotel Management (Turkish-English)

• Faculty of Psychology (Turkish - English)

Faculty of Education Sciences

The main objective of the undergraduate program of Counseling and Psychological Counseling (RPD); psychological counseling professionals to work in units offering psychological counseling and support services, in particular educational institutions, in order to positively influence the academic, career, personal and social development of individuals. In addition to this basic aim, the RPD degree program aims to be a quality psychological counselor who can provide graduates' contributions to field applications nationally and internationally, lead in the field, have a reflective and critical thinking structure.


• PDR (Guidance and Psychological Counseling) (Turkish - English)

Faculty of Law

Law education is an education with traditions that reach to centuries. However, the phenomenon of globalization has had a major impact on the nation state and national understanding of law, as well as the need to re-examine the design of legal education. In this context, it is possible, for example, to be an international challenge for every legal problem, as well as legal problems born in one country and extending to other countries, which may affect their legal order. The aim of a legal education is, of course, primarily to teach national law and its practice. However, a thorough examination of the international legal relations of the national law, which it interacts with, must be included in this scope.


• Faculty of Law (Turkish - English)

Faculty of Health Sciences

Quality and accreditation in health care have gained great importance in recent years. Quality in health services is possible with qualified health team. The "technical staff", which is part of the entire health team, is the most important step in the quality of the service provided, since the time when the health care recipient has entered the health care organization and continues to the end of the service procurement

After secondary education, our two-year undergraduate education in health field is the most important necessity of our time and our students who are educating qualified human power are graduated with the title of "Health Technician". Our college; He teaches in Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, First and Emergency Aid, Medical Documentation and Secretary, Medical Imaging Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Promotion and Marketing Child Development and Social Services programs. And also; There are also second courses in the field of non-high school in the fields of Operating Room Services, Anesthesia, First and Emergency Aid, Medical Imaging Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques..

The departments were designed as the most popular, most demanding, highly qualified human resources in health care. At the beginning of these aims comes the realization of the theoretical and practical applications which are often difficult to achieve in the education of the students. Our students will gain practice skills after learning the source of information. Our goal is to provide professional skills to compete at the international level. Our second important goal is to reach the highest knowledge and pass it to practice. The way to achieve these goals is through the close communication of students with international reputations.


• Nursing (Turkish - English)

• Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish - English)