Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Educational Overview

Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Training emphasizing competencies instead of content

• Learning and Innovation Competencies; Creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.

• Information Media and Technology Competencies; Information literacy, media literacy, literacy in information and communication technologies.

• Life and Career competencies; Flexibility, adaptability, initiative taking and self-orientation.

• Social and Cultural Competencies; productivity and accountability, leadership and responsibility

Internationalized Education

• The importance of international experience in the global world and the increase of student mobility necessitates that universities establish new relationships with overseas institutions and other universities which will depend on intensive mutual win-win principle.

• Exchange programs, two or three partner programs, double branch, minor partner programs.

Individualized Education

• Training should be designed to integrate and enhance the core competency and ability of the student to choose from pool programs consisting of dual, minor, exchange, dual diploma and multiple elective courses.

• In the future, the quality and quantity of these alternative programs will increase further in the direction of the demands of the Z Generation.

Our Events

Living in Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offers great opportunities and advantages for foreign students to come to the country.


Famagusta History

Famagusta is the longest settlement on the island, considering that it has an uninterrupted life of about 4,500 years.


Opportunities and Advantages

Being a student at Cyprus West University, a fully equipped university, is meant to be part of the island's center of transportation, accommodation, business, economy, politics, entertainment and culture



Social Media Communication

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