Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean. 70 km north Turkey, 100 km east Syria, 370 km to the south of Egypt, 950 km in Greece and 170 km southeast Lebanon and area of ​​komşudur.kıbrıs island with Israel, 9,251 km ^ 2.Kuzey Cyprus Turkish Republic of 3355 km ^ 2 and the Cyprus 5896 km ^ 2.

The north of the island is especially known for its universities. Being a student at Cyprus West University, a fully equipped university, means being a part of the transportation, accommodation, business, economy, politics, entertainment and cultural center of the island. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offers great opportunities and advantages for foreign students to come to the country. Cyprus, a tourist island, especially Famagusta and Girne is a center of attraction for higher education students. A third of the island's population is students. Cyprus is becoming one of the most important educational bases in the world.

Life in Famagusta

Famagusta is the longest settlement on the island, considering that it has an uninterrupted life of about 4,500 years. Historical inns, traditional workshops, restaurants, cafeterias, shops, 24/7 live and more, Famagusta will fill your university life with unforgettable memories. The historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean The Cyprus West University, which symbolizes the contemporary direction of Cyprus, was established in Famagusta in 2015. Deep-rooted historical, natural and cultural richness, the Mediterranean climate, clean air, peaceful and safe life through the North Cyprus is among the most preferred countries 70%, including from Turkey by more than 100 students from different countries for higher education. Cyprus provides an ideal environment for education with at least 300 days of sunshine and open weather a year and the ease of living provided by mild climate features. With its unspoilt rich natural beauties, unique vegetation, golden beaches and crystal clear waters, Cyprus is ready to accompany you to transform your educational life into a unique experience.