Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Student Development and Counseling Center (ÖGDM)

University and campus life is a place to test students as much as they are fun. High expectations about the new social environment, new relationships, the development of new social skills and academic performance can make university life difficult. The Cyprus West University Student Development and Counseling Center (ÖGDM) is a unit that aims to help students cope with the challenges of university life, improve their knowledge and skills, and live the most effective way of life for university and campus life. In addition, the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PDAREM) and the Career Center provide this support.

ÖGDM was established to solve all kinds of social and physical problems encountered by students during the academic year. The center aims to make student and university interaction efficient by bringing solutions to students' problems, keeping their social lives alive, making positive contributions to their social and educational lives through club activities, and cooperating with student councils. Any problem that the students may experience is resolved in the LAG and when necessary communication with the parents is initiated. In this way, there is a stronger and stronger relationship with the students.

Coordinators affiliated to the Student Development and Counseling Center:

Student Clubs Coordinator

Communication Coordinator with Graduates

Student Counseling Coordinator

Medical Center

An ambulance, ready for service 24 hours a day, provides access to the hospital in emergency situations, while all kinds of health and first aid interventions are made to our full-time physicians and nurse-controlled students. The "North Cyprus Turkish Republic Health Insurance" of our students is made by the university; so that students from all the hospitals connected to the Ministry of Health of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus can benefit free of charge if necessary.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PDAREM)

It is important for students to recognize their academic, social and psychological potentials, to make independent choices, to learn to carry out the responsibility of every choice they make, to increase their altruistic behavior, to be open to change and development, to accept as if they are all strong and weak as themselves, to grow up as productive individuals, helping them to integrate into life in a peaceful way. Psychological counseling and guidance services are provided to the students for these purposes.

Individual therapy and counseling is conducted on the basis of confidentiality to students applying for the solution of their questions. Also in PDAREM itself; 'research on the effectiveness of the services provided,' 'identification of students, psychological needs', 'screening type surveys conducted in order to determine problem areas' and 'researches in which adolescence and youth period are examined experimentally or descriptively in various psychological dimensions'.


The Cyprus West University Campus in North Cyprus, which is among the world's lowest crime rate, is regularly provided with the control of the Campus of the West, the security supervisor and the cameras located at many locations within the campus. Campus, residential and other units' security and emergency response teams are easily accessible 24 hours a day via domestic and GSM phone numbers.

It is very important for the International University of Cyprus to offer a safe campus life to students. The security officers who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the campus and the dormitory areas, and the camera watches provide a peaceful and safe life to our students on campus.

Other Services on the Campus

Cyprus West University is a fully equipped campus university with everything from laundry to stationery, from supermarket to bank, from backgammon games to pocket cinema.