Kıbrıs Batı Üniversitesi

Scholarships and Discounts


The departments were designed as the most popular, most demanding, highly qualified human resources in health care. At the beginning of these aims comes the realization of the theoretical and practical applications which are often difficult to achieve in the education of the students. Our students will gain practice skills after learning the source of information. Our goal is to provide professional skills to compete at the international level. Our second important goal is to reach the highest knowledge and pass it to practice. The way to achieve these goals is through the close communication of students with international reputations.

As a result of Student Selection and Placement Exam organized by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), our students who choose a program that is stated as "scholarship" by the KBÜK in the guide, can benefit from 100%, 75% and 50% scholarship opportunities.

Preference Order Scholarship

Depending on the program they prefer, between 50% and 10% preference scholarships are awarded to students who prefer the Cyprus West University's various programs from 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Detailed information can be easily accessed from our contact and registration office or our Prospective Student Information Line (02125877898).

Turkish Armed Forces and Children's Scholarship

50% scholarship is given to the personnel and children who are still in charge and retired in the Turkish Armed Forces.

Teacher's Child Scholarship

25% scholarship opportunities are available for every student who registers and is a teacher child.

Academic Success Scholarships

Students who have been trained for at least two semesters and who have successfully completed the courses required in the semester and have achieved a GPA of at least 3.50 GPA and a CGPA of 3.00 will achieve 75%, 50% and 25% scholarship opportunities are available.

Brother Discounts

In case of more than one brother studying at university, 25% tuition fee reduction is applied to both siblings.

DGS Scholarship

Besides the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) and the scholarship programs in the OSYM guidebook; 25% of the students who are placed in scholarship programs of various departments and 50% of scholarship students are placed in scholarship programs of other departments

Yurtkur Bursu

YURTKUR provides scholarships to all students who are studying at Cyprus West University. Students who want to benefit from this burstan need to apply to YURTKUR.


Each student enrolled in the Cyprus West University can benefit from a total of 14 residents from Yurtkur and private sector in Famagusta. Specially designed dormitories with high quality and all comforts provide a peaceful and efficient environment for students to work effectively.

All rooms offer free and unlimited internet access, LCD TV, wireless TV channels, work desk and chairs, library, closet, bed, mini fridge, room-to-room and out-door phone line.

These dormitories are divided into two types, Studio and Apart type. The studio type, Soli Homestay, offers ultra modern architecture and single and double rooms with the comfort of a 5-star hotel for students. Famagusta has a total of 14,000 beds.