Greetings from the Psychology Department, Cyprus West University!

With immense joy I am sharing the opportunities we provide for students who choose to major in Psychology at Cyprus West University. We put all the efforts to offer a positive educational experience for our students.

Currently our department offers one degree that is bachelor’s in science in Psychology. We provide an array of courses. Our focus of attention is to ensure the undergraduate student will be exposed to the many different areas within psychology. We also provide opportunities to students to select elective courses in the areas that particularly interest them.

You will receive a lot of special attention from our faculty. We take our role as advisors honestly and take pleasure in getting to know our students. Our aim is to provide atmosphere where students can flourish and prepare themselves to be successful upon graduation.

Students will learn outside the classroom through internship in clinical, school, counseling, organizational psychology, and family support services settings.

Psychology is one of the most pleasing fields you can take. It helps individuals enhance their lives, and it improves scientific and clinical understanding. Students who major in Psychology open a world of opportunities.


Miss Sania Sadaf

Acting Head of the Department,

Psychology Department

Vision & Mission, Department of Psychology



Our vision is to achieve the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning, research, and professional expertise for our students and faculty and to provide expert professional services to the on-campus students.



The mission of psychology department is to provide academically sound courses that promote knowledge of psychological concepts, issues, methods, theories, applications, services, and critical thinking. To commit to excellent teaching, nationally and internationally recognized research, and providing outstanding professional services to ensure the mental health, growth, and safety.

Psychology department is one of the major disciplines of behavioural sciences, psychology involves the study of human Behavior from different perspectives.

Psychology department of CWU has teaching staff and students from TRNC, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Kenya, Congo, Somalia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Zambia. This international academic environment facilitates an enriched scientific and social information exchange between students and faculty members.

Psychology Department values the social and academic development, and the department continuously supports and encourages the students to prepare projects, presentations within the lectures and self-initiated discussions. Psychology students can take part in the academics’ research projects and get knowledge regarding the application of Psychology in different areas.


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