Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Economics creates solutions for how individuals, institutions and societies can share resources among various needs. In this scope, economics examines the behaviors of individuals within the framework of benefit and cost. The main research areas of this science are designing economic policies and results, inflation, international economic relations, crises, regulations on competition, market mechanisms, economic growth, and efficient production methods.

At the Department of Economics, students can interpret Turkey and the World economy, they provided a substructure where they can conduct quantitative research. The department’s training program is structured around basic economic theory, economies, and sub-branches of economics, financial markets, public finance, environmental economics, game theory, competitive economics, industrial and international economics.

The students gain a strong economic foundation in the courses of the first two years. They improve their knowledge level by analyzing economic data with scientific projects and applications. The undergraduate program takes a new direction from the third year with the aim of specialization of the students.

Macroeconomics, microeconomics, managerial economics are the three fields which studied together as academic economics focusing on general economics and which are student’s postgraduate specialization alternatives.

Other focusing areas of the undergraduate program of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration covers topics such as Turkish politics, comparative politics, political theory, sociocultural studies and public administration. International relations are a branch of science that explores the political, economic and social developments at the global and regional level, the relations of states, organizations and other forces with each other, international conflicts and cooperation.


  • Business Administration (Turkish – English)
  • Civil Aviation Management (Turkish-English)
  • Tourism and Hotel Management (Turkish-English)
  • Faculty of Psychology (Turkish – English)

Faculty of Education

The main purpose of the undergraduate program of Guidance and Psychological Counseling; is to educate the psychological counseling professionals who will work in the units that offer psychological counseling and support services especially for educational institutions in order to positively affect the academic, career, personal and social development of individuals. In addition to this basic objective, it is aimed that the graduates of the Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate program will become qualified psychological counselors who can contribute to the field applications at the national and international level, have leadership in their field and have a reflective and critical thinking structure.


Guidance and Psychological Counseling (Turkish – English)

Faculty of Law

Law education is a branch of education with traditions up to centuries. However, the phenomenon of globalization has made a great impact on every issue on the understanding of the nation, state, and national law, as well as re-evaluating the design of law education. In this context, for example, every legal problem can be an international front-line, and it is also possible to face legal problems that arise in a country and that extend to other countries which may affect their legal system. The aim of a law education is, of course, the teaching of national law and its application. However, a thorough examination of the international law relations in which national law interacts must be included.


Law Department (Turkish – English)

Faculty of Health Sciences

In recent years, quality and accreditation in health care have gained great importance. Quality in health services is possible with a qualified health team. ‘The technical staff’, which is a part of the whole healthcare team, constitutes the most important part of the quality of service provided from the moment the health service needed person enters the health care institution until the end of the service procurement.

After secondary education, for two years of the undergraduate degree in the field of health, the qualified manpower students educated in our institution who are the most important necessity of our era with the title of ‘Health Technician’. Also, our faculty; provides training in operating room services, anesthesia, first and emergency aid, medical documentation and secretarial, medical scanning techniques, medical laboratory techniques, medical promotion and marketing, child development and social services programs.

The departments were designed as the most popular, most demanding and educating highly qualified people in health services. The main aim of these purposes is to accomplish the theoretical and practical applications together which are difficult parts to accomplish together in the education of the students. Students will gain practical skills after learning about the source of information. Our goal will be to acquire the professional skills to compete on an international level. Our second important goal is to reach the highest information and put it into practice. The way to achieve these goals is going through close communication of the students with our internationally reputed teachers.


Nursing (Turkish – English)

Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish – English)