Black Lives Matter and Cyprus West University is strongly committed to Equality

The images of George Floyd’s killing under police officer’s knee, have sparked a global outpouring of grief and anger. Many people have made declarations against racism which made organization to take action about it over the last few days. The way that police murdered one person was brutal enough, but the main point which was hidden behind all this tragic story was racism which people in USA took out wisely and showed to the rest of world in spite of our beautiful appearance, in what kind of unequal world we are living.

Cyprus West University apologize to all who thought that we are not against racism and asked us to take an action about this situation. We only wanted time passes and take a decision without any anger and to make it clear we must say that like all Northern Cyprus, Cyprus West University is absolutely against racism and will stand next to any one in the world who wants an equal life for everyone. We believe no matter where people come from, no matter what color their skin have, no matter what religion they have, as long as they are human, we respect them and try our best to build an equal society for everyone.

So today we stand next to all our friends and colleagues and join the protest to show for us, like other people of North Cyprus, Black Lives Matter.

Place of Protest:  Eastern Mediterranean University campus, Famagusta

Time: 18:00

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