Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Mission and Vision statement

Our mission is to offer quality education at the international level to our students, enabling them to attain knowledge and ability, enhance career development and contribute to the overall development of their society. We also collaborate with our students to build a strong and independent learning system.

Our vision is to provide exceptional opportunities that will transform and enhance the livelihood of the students, to be a department that will promote national and international developments and create opportunities for innovations, with a global perspective, knowledgeable, talented, and trained graduates who will be influential in their career in the future.

 Message from the head of the department


Adopting a holistic approach to the tourism industry, you’ll find there is no industry that plays a more vital role than the tourism and hospitality industry, which is the fastest growing industry in the world today in developing the economy, securing the employment, and enhancing the quality of life for residents as well as the students. The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Cyprus West University offers high-quality undergraduates in the fields of hospitality and tourism management. Our outstanding undergraduate programs include International Tourism Management, Hotel Management, and Food and Beverage Management. The Faculty thinks globally and will participate in international exchange programs and research projects in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, etc.. The Department boasts a team of highly professional, scholastic and internationalized teaching staff, coming from all over the world including Africa. With their deep academic attainments, rich teaching experience, a sense of professional dedication, and constant attention to and care for the students. Our students learn to balance their academic life with activities outside the classroom, such as field trips, Tourism cultural day, and tourism career day, where the students have the opportunity to meet with the sector, get to broaden their horizons, enrich their life experiences, and make lifelong friends, and in the end, will find their time here well spent, university life colorful and campus experiences rewarding. 

We hereby invite prospective students and their parents, and business partners to explore our website (  and discover how we can be part of your future. You are welcome to join us as we strive to continuously enhance teaching effectiveness and academic excellence.

Head of Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ruth Nange

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