Business Administration

Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences


The Business Administration Department aims at training successful students with the capability to adapt themselves to modern competitive environments and to develop their analytical and self-monitoring skills. To this end, they are equipped with the required knowledge of the fundamental concepts in business and the appropriate professional and communication skills within their education period in different areas of the economy, marketing, and social relations in order to be successful in their future business activities.


The curriculum encapsulates different economic, management, accounting, and social relation areas. The students will be familiar with the key concepts of the micro and macro economy, the principles of production, marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, and public relations used in today’s business contexts. The curriculum also includes courses related to the individual- and society-related issues in behavioral sciences. Courses are taught in English for the international students and in Turkish for the local students. In addition, the university will provide the opportunity for the students to participate in workshops and seminars to become familiar with successful managers and business entrepreneurs to gain a tangible and more practical understanding about what it means to be a successful business person.


The theoretical knowledge and experience the students gain within their university education enable them to successfully work in different business areas such as marketing, accounting, human resource in the public and private sectors of both international and local markets. Successful students can also pave their way to academic life and post-graduate studies in Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

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