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The CWU Department of Psychology was entrenched in 2018, under the shelter of the ‘Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, with the approval of YÖDAK, the Higher Education Inspection, and Evaluation Board.

The CWU Department of Psychology operates to advance the science of psychology through high aspects of research, teaching, and service. The major purpose of the undergraduate program is to promote a multi-disciplinary path to improve in science which can carry the title of ‘Psychologist’ and which will follow the name of Psychologist, respect for human and ethical values, along with concentrating on research and informative contribution, capable of comprehending the parallel between Psychology and other sciences in scope and approaches, psychologists who can critically judge the seriousness of psychology, to characterize theoretical and practical knowledge of current psychology, to figure out new outcomes and make assumptions from them, to interpret, synthesize and assimilate them and to correlate and critically evaluate the information.


Our undergraduate program is arranged to maintain our learners with high levels of theoretical, empirical, and methodological knowledge in many areas of psychology, and provide them an opportunity to use this knowledge in their specialization fields. Students supplied with advanced learning and skills may prefer to continue their academic studies to graduate levels or may decide to start a career. Students assigned project studies are carried out in the lab and are supervised by the department’s experienced academics. In addition to these students are welcomed and required to produce research projects that are found in their educational areas, supervised by academics in the department.


Psychology graduates can be provided with work as psychologists in all fields that interact with people such as clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, and in administrative positions in housing and day-care centers or nursing homes. Graduates can become psychologists, researchers, guidance teachers, management psychologists, or work in forensic institutions, family courts, criminal courts, psycho-evaluation centers, corporations, and human resources departments. Also, they can seek out careers in public relations or management units, public organizations, advertising companies, copywriting departments, and/or work as private consultants. Graduates who are curious about becoming researchers, teaching assistants, or working in academia can pursue their Master’s degree and/or Ph.D. Finally, they then can set up their own consulting and training companies or offer a variety of services to businesses such as personnel selection and training.

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