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Tourism and Hotel Management

About the Department

Department of Tourism and Hotel Management is a program that aims to add theoretical and practical knowledge along with practical in the wellbeing and operationalization of the academic, within many sectors that can be public or private. Students gain the chance to develop themselves in many ways that the department provides, these consist of attending to appropriate seminars and conferences as well as actively participating in research and application of the knowledge in their summer training/internships. The Tourism and Hotel Management field is overloaded with many opportunities to full fill their knowledge and produce high level skills that will be need in their sector. The mission of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management is to facilitate students in designing and portraying clear pathways towards their future careers. To be able to reach this aim the school provides them with many facilities; having high standards of lectures, school competitiveness and individual attention to tailoring based on the student requirements.

Educational Opportunities

The ultimate aim of Tourism and Hotel Management programs is to train students who not only develop their awareness toward the most recent international and national developments across the world but also are devoted to using the latest technological advancements in the tourism and hospitality industry. Students are required to succeed in generic business courses, specialized and tailor-made tourism and hospitality courses throughout their programs. Within the program students are expected to use many daily skills related to communication based on problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, and customer focus orientation skills. Language skills are indivisible share of the Tourism curricula. Department of Tourism and Hotel Management additionally provides the students with more than just language skills, but provides students the chance to learn elective language courses such as German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. Summer courses provide students the opportunities to put the learnt theories in to practice.

Career areas

Cyprus West University, Tourism and Hotel Management program intends to train individuals to master the necessary skills and qualifications within different areas such as (hospitality establishments, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, restaurants, car rental, etc.)The graduates of Tourism and Hotel Management program are entirely accomplished of obtaining employment in chain or boutique hotels, holiday villages, tour operators, travel agents, airport or airlines, cruise liners. Moreover, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management equips language skills, academic infrastructure, and the notion of ethical issues to those students who wish to pursue an academic career.

Message from the Head of the Department

Dear Tourism and Hotel Management Students,

I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. In our department, a friendly and fostering environment is provided for all our students from different countries.
Tourism and hotel management department aims at providing high quality education to students by combining the theoretical and practical knowledge. Apart from high quality education, the students in this era need various skills, from problem-solving to having freedom of thought and more importantly knowing how to cope up with the new and everyday changing nature of the tourism and hospitality sector. Therefore, we try to discuss the new and novel technologies and trend methods that are used in the tourism and hospitality industry, during our lectures and in various workshops during the academic year.
I would like to welcome you again and wish you success in your studies and also your life. We are all here to guide you and assist you in achieving your goals.

With warm wishes,

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarvnaz Baradarani
Head of Tourism and Hotel Management Department

Course Curriculum

Required Courses

Elective Courses