Faculty of Law

What do you need to Know about the Faculty:

The reason for establishment of the Faculty of Law is to train qualified lawyers who have legal formation. Regardless of their professional life, these jurists are aimed to be individuals who have the legal equipment, intellectual and moral background that will enable them to lead a life depending on the rule of law and the requirements of the state of law.

On the other hand, our graduates will act with the awareness that they will be the cornerstones of the justice; to defend the rights of individuals as a lawyer, to protect the rights of the public as a prosecutor, to distribute justice as a judge and to open new horizons with critical and analytical thinking as a scientist.

As Faculty of Law of the International Law Department vision is to become a pioneering university in education, science, research, development, technology, art, culture and sports at the international and national level in the field of law.

At the same time, to train professional law graduates who can speak foreign languages, have personal skills and creative characteristics, establish effective and sustainable relations with people, aim for continuous development with social responsibility awareness, are prone to team work and are equipped with leading qualifications, capable of taking part in international and national level.


International Law

We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their career – to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it.

Why Study Here?

Cyprus West University was established in 2015 and located in Northern Cyprus. As a higher-education institution, it symbolizes the contemporary aspect of Cyprus which is a historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean.

The university has 8 programs (4 Faculties and 1 School) offering undergraduate degrees. The medium of instructions is in Turkish and English. Moreover, the English Preparatory School is available for students who require to improve their English. The university is providing many services for instance student development and counseling center, health center, psychological counseling and guidance center school bus and library and computer laboratories. These services allow the students to interact and know many cultures.