Free Online Certificate Programs for Cyprus West University Students

This certificate brings Cyprus West University students together with EdX, an education platform where online courses from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

EdX education certificates, which should be added to the resumes of those who want to strengthen themselves in business and academic life in the ever-developing and changing world, put you one step ahead in business life. Now, as Cyprus West University, we are glad to introduce our students to this training.

On the certificate given after the training, there are the names of the world’s leading institutions and universities that have proven themselves in the international arena.

There are many online training programs available on EdX. Schools such as MIT, Harvard, Washington, and Berkeley have lectures. Cyprus West University students will be able to have a certificate issued to their name after each training they attend.

What can you do with this certificate?

The institution written on the certificate will be institutions that have proven themselves around the world such as Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, and IBM. In addition, since all the training is given in English or another foreign language, it will make a great contribution to your foreign language development and will take you one step forward when you go to any job interview.

On this open-source site, you can follow the start times of the courses and participate, and you can get your certificate for free at the end of the training.


In what area are the courses available? What are the topics?

In almost every field! You can take courses in history, physics, mathematics, finance, chemistry, biology, medicine, computers, sociology, and much more. They are designed lessons, each one focused on a specific area.

What are the sources?

Each lesson consists of modules. These modules include videos, readings, questions, and discussions. Each course has general exams on a certain date. If homework is given, it is necessary to pay attention to the deadline for submission. Each course has its own set of passing thresholds and you shouldn’t fall under that threshold. Videos, questions, and resources are prepared by the professors and staff at these universities. The narrative styles are by no means boring and monotonous. The lessons have a different narrative style that you will enjoy while listening.

What kind of certificates are there?

A certificate that you can obtain virtually when you successfully complete the “Honor Code” course. “Verified”, which is also referred to as X-Series, another type of certificate, is given as a result of you being inspected at certain intervals with your webcam using face recognition technology during the lesson. X-Series means ID authentication.

How is communication provided on the platform?

You can ask your questions on discussion forums. They are always asking you questions that you need to answer. Even before issuing a certificate, your activities in the forums are checked. It’s not just important to do homework and tests, you have to be socially active as well. If you have a general question, you can leave a note on the contact page.

Strengthen Your CV with Online Certificate Programs!

Some of the training courses and institutions you can attend through EdX are as follows:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Project Management Life Cycle training course given by Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Probability-Uncertainty and Data Science training course is given by Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT
  • Being an Effective Leader training course given by Queensland University
  • Computing in Python I: Fundamentals and Procedure Programming training course given by the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Introduction to Intelligent Analytics Using Python training course given by Edinburgh University
  • Data Science training course is given by Harvard University
  • Fundamentals of Data Science training course given by Berkeley University
  • Strategic Management training course is given by Wharton University
  • Data Analysis: Fundamental Skills and Fundamentals of Data Science training course provided by Microsoft

It is now possible to be one step ahead of your competitors with certificates approved by the most prestigious universities in the world and valid all over the world.

We will continue to inform you about new training courses, stay tuned!

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