Faculty of Law

International Law

About the Department

As Faculty of Law of the International Law Department vision is to become a pioneering university in education, science, research, development, technology, art, culture and sports at the international and national level in the field of law.

At the same time, to train professional law graduates who can speak foreign languages, have personal skills and creative characteristics, establish effective and sustainable relations with people, aim for continuous development with social responsibility awareness, are prone to team work and are equipped with leading qualifications, capable of taking part in international and national level.

Educational Opportunities

In order to graduate from the Undergraduate Program of the International Law Department, students are required to take compulsory and elective courses, do internships, successfully complete their internships with the courses they have taken and obtain at least 2.00 GPA . Students must obbey to the school discipline regulations and success criteria in order to graduate.

Students can do internships in private or public institutions and organizations that are approved by the faculty internship commission. Students other than Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Turkish nationality students should preferably do internships in institutions located in their own countries. Students, who isn’t able to find an internship place in their own countries, can apply to the dean of the faculty before last date of their internship application dates.

Career areas

Graduates of the International Law Undergraduate Program of the Faculty of Law are entitled to receive the title of Lawyer/ Judge / Prosecutor.

Students who graduate from this program will be able to join the prestigious members of business and academic life when they graduate with advanced knowledge of universal law. Graduates of the program will find career opportunities in many fields of public and private sectors, especially ministries, universities, media, multinational companies. Graduates of international law work as legal counsel.