Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences


Logistics includes the organization, transportation, and storage of materials and persons interested in them. So, the logistics department will train its successful students in a way that will develop their knowledge and abilities to achieve the main goals of transportation and become part of this great basic work.


Curriculum, from YÖK management to managing people and designed to cover all sections of this major to achieve peak performance. Cyprus Western University cooperates with universities in Turkey and other countries to provide our students with opportunities to work part-time in these universities and organizations or work as instructors in these organizations so that students are fully prepared for their future lives.


The theoretical knowledge and experience gained by students in their university education allow them to work successfully in ports, airports, military enterprises, and all kinds of public and private businesses that require transportation in the sector. Successful students can also continue their studies in Masters and Ph.D. degrees by stepping into academic life.

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