Mission & Vision


The Cyprus West University is committed to providing services to the society with self-confident students and academic staff who have social responsibility within the light of individual thinking and open to interdisciplinary approach also who can contribute to science, artistic production, and technological innovations at the national and international level.


Our university will carry out academic activities with an innovative, interdisciplinary educational design that is sensitive to the needs of the people of our country, with a liberal and participatory corporate culture that respects diversities and beliefs. The information produced in this area will provide the opportunity for our students to receive a world-class education and to have the knowledge and skills to compete in their professional careers across the world.

Our Values

The basic values of Cyprus West University are to contribute to social welfare through construct libertarian, participatory and project-based knowledge that respects beliefs and diversities. In its relationship with all social shareholders, CWU adopts transparent, accountable, respectful, flexible, and bi-directional communication. CWU prepares the environments that support creativity, learning, and exploration, and considers cultural differences as richness by providing an environment where international students and faculty members can work together. In the light of positive science and the traditional cultural values, the students of CWU gain professional knowledge and skills within their social environment and learn to cope with the complex structure and problems of today’s world.

Educational Overview

It will be entrepreneurs, not states or big corporations that will allow the world to emerge from the economic depression it has fallen into. But to be a successful entrepreneur, the students need to be highly educated and establish recognizable personalities in the academic world. Some university graduates are willing to pursue their personal careers while others might pursue initiatives to create jobs for others. However, the aim of the university education goes beyond the limited boundaries of finding a job or starting a business and involves helping the student to search for the truth, personal development, and open new horizons.