Online Exams


Microsoft Teams Account

Collect your Microsoft Teams Account Username and Password, Login to Teams in order to Navigate your Courses, Check your Courses Materials, Attend Online Lectures, Attend Online Quizzes and Submit your Assignments. 


Enter Teams

After logging in, you must enter the specific class and go to the General and join the meeting.

**Please notice that you must take your exams on Microsoft Teams only by computer (laptop or PC) with a well-equipped camera, You CAN NOT take the exams with mobile or tablets.


Join The Meeting

Join the meeting your teacher started.


Click On The Midterm Test

You must click on the exam file which your teacher uploaded previously and after that press on Download and open the Downloaded file.


Log In

Enter your Username and Password and enter the exam.

**The username and password are the same as your student portal.

***If you changed your password before, it is the first one you were given when you registered.

**If you had any problems, contact International and Student Affairs.


Start Exam

Enter your test and start the exam. When you finish your exam you must submit it.

*Please notice that after submission you CAN NOT edit your test.


Leave The Test

After you submit your result, you MUST wait until the end of the exam. In the end, you should press on the exit button, in the right bottom, your teacher will give you a password and with that password, you can exit.

**You CAN NOT exit without the password.


Leave The Meeting

After you exit, you should leave the meeting and end the class.

**During the exam your camera MUST be turned on, otherwise you will dismiss.

**During the exam your microphone MUST be muted, unless your teacher gives permission.

**Cheating of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Contact our Support Team

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Phone: +90 548 844 34 63