School of Health Sciences

Operating Room Services

About the Department

The Associate Degree Program in Operating Room Services is carried out within the School of Health Services. Operating Room Services Associate degree graduates work in accordance with the instructions in the operating room and operating room units of public and private inpatient treatment institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health. 

Educational Opportunities

In order to graduate from the Associate Degree Program in Operating Room Services, it is necessary to successfully complete all courses in the 4-semester program which corresponds to a total of 120 ECTS and to have at least 2.00 academic average over 4.00.

Besides; As stated in the curriculum, students will complete a Summer Internship that will last 30 working days at the end of the second semester.

Summer internships will be held in public or private health institutions in TRNC or TC where operating room services are carried out. The faculty members/staff will support the students to find out the suitable internship institutions. By the second-semester operation, room applications program will be held in Famagusta, Nicosia or Kyrenia State Hospitals.

Career areas

Graduates work in the public and private health institutions and organizations with the title of “Operating Room Services Technician”.

According to Turkey Employment Institution year of 2015, 1st Semester Labour Market report, technical staff (“ancillary health personnel”) are among the most occupied jobs in the health and social services sectors.

In addition to public institutions, private hospitals and polyclinics create alternative employment for the graduates of this department. The graduates can not work individually, their aim is providing support to surgical specialists in the private and public hospitals operating room, central sterilization unit, endoscopy room, delivery room, dental treatment, and surgical procedures.