Rector's Message

Ömer Camcı
Dear Students,

Cyprus West University is a leading ‘city university’ among the top universities in Cyprus committed to academic excellence in education. With its highly qualified academic staff members, the mission of Cyprus West University is to prepare well-equipped students in terms of scientific, academic, technical and social-cultural skills, and to educate them to be highly qualified individuals who take a look at the future with hope.

Cyprus West University aims to serve the community through self-assured students and academic staff members who are open to interdisciplinary ideas and approaches, willing to make a significant contribution to the innovations in technology, science and artistic productions, and are aware of social responsibility in the light of free thoughts.

Cyprus West University is an international university located in one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus, and its vision is to shape the future within the historical texture of the city.

By having a prestigious place in academic and scientific studies, as well as having active extracurricular activities, Cyprus West University enables students to feel proud of being a part of such an outstanding institution.

With kind regards,

Prof.Dr. Ömer Camcı