Rector's Message

Dearest Colleagues,

Since the potentiality is targeted to approximately. 8000 students in near future, the Cyprus West University seek to facilitate and enhance the training and graduation of leaders who will be instrumental in making significant contributions to their fields of expertise in particular, and to the world community in general. In doing so, the expectation is that our Academic Programs will be widely respected as being among the best available anywhere.

The vision of Cyprus West University is to become internationally recognized and challenging for its high quality of her academic programs, related faculty, and scholarly achievement while producing competitive and intellectually stimulated individuals who can provide bold leadership in new directions. We believe that mentioned education is an integral component of any university and has an impact on education at all levels. Cyprus West University represents the best expression of its major purposes of existence – teaching, research, and public service – and, therefore, must be a prime center of excellence.

Our vision goes beyond mere growth to change the culture of the education at Cyprus West University, and also challenging to rival universities where located in all over the world and as well as in Turkey. As the sample university of the future will prepare career-ready students with a true competitive edge through a new focus on professionally-oriented training designed for the real world.

  • Preparing Leaders – we want to add career-orientated management skills training for all graduate students to help them to succeed in the industry, government, non-profit organizations, and academia. These skills include responsible conduct of research, advanced teaching expertise, effective communication, and effective leadership.
  • Professional Degrees – graduate certificates, dual degrees, and inter-disciplinary professional degrees to prepare students who have technical skills, multiple professional competencies, and are collaborative, highly adaptable and globally orientated.
  • Interdisciplinary Experiences – encouraging a true community of scholars working across departmental boundaries at the intersections of disciplines. We will give students opportunities for cross-communication and cultivation of ideas, promoting teamwork on problems of common interest. The best and most provocative graduate research of the future will take place here at the edges of disciplines, and this is where the best faculty and students want to be.

Cyprus West University provides innovative, pragmatic, responsive and accessible academic programs of the highest quality. The Academic programs fostering a close interdependence between research and profession to enhance and upgrade the necessary experience.

  • The graduate faculty and students work together to develop new theoretical and empirical knowledge, design innovative methods and technologies to discover and disseminate that knowledge, and engage in state-of-the-art professional skills.
  • The study in CWU is a source of intellectual capital for Cyprus West University, the region, the nation, and worldwide. The extend their programs and services for professional education through specialized graduate and certification programs.

Cyprus West University serves as a catalyst for excellence in both academic and professional education at the University by;

  • Promoting the highest-quality education for students, including outstanding academic experiences, opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research, and professional development that prepares students for success in their fields.
  • Advancing the diversity of academic education at Cyprus West University and of the professoriate through recruitment and retention.
  • Fostering an environment in which graduate faculty can reach their potential as lecturers, researchers, and mentors to the students.
  • Encouraging research and academic programs that address the critical issues that challenge our nation and our world.
  • Achieving recognition of Cyprus West University as a model for leadership and innovation regarding the proper education within the East Mediterranean region.

Prof. Dr, Tayfun Turgay