Spring Semester Grading System Senate’s Decision

 Letter Grades’ Equivalents in the CS/CU System According to Programs

  1. a) Courses in Undergraduate Programs,
  2. The corresponding grade for D, D+, C–, C, C+, B–, B, B+, A– and A letter grades is CS,
  3. The corresponding grade for F and D– letter grades is CU.

Students at their First Semester

The CGPA of a student who has requested a CS / CU grade from all courses in the first semester cannot be calculated. The courses from which the student has received a CS grade are the courses in which the student has become successful and the courses from which the student has received a CU grade are the failed courses and must be repeated.

Appearance of CS, CU, CI and CW Grades on Transcripts

The CS, CU, CI and CW grades used in this period are included in transcripts and explained as footnotes.