Student Friendly Ada Card

Student Friendly Ada Card

Benefits of Ada Card

  • It will function as a bank card.
  • All local and international transactions can be done.
  • The card will be an internationally valid debit and shopping card.
  • It will provide the opportunity to withdraw money anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to integrate HEPI card with other bank cards.
  • Students will be provided with the opportunity of free money transfer among themselves.
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  • All students will be benefiting from the special discount system created in their shopping and spending in TRNC.
  • All prospective students who will register in the 2020-2021 Academic year will benefit from 500 TL loaded on the card by the TRNC government.
  • HEPI phone applications give opportunities to students to monitor their financial transactions.

Application Steps

  • Download the HEPI App for free on mobile phones from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Use your own mobile phone number to sign up for the app. (Only 1 registration can be made with a number)
  • After completing the application registration process, select the Hepi student activation from the top left menu and fill in the necessary information. *
  • You can start using the application by verifying with a one-time password sent to your email address.

** Student information must be verified for all registered students. Before the verification process can be done, students must complete the following procedures.


1. The student must complete his / her university registration.
2. The student must complete the immigration procedures. (Only for TC and foreign nationalities)