Dear Colleagues,

The history of agriculture, which started with the history of humanity, was one of the main factors in the development of our civilization. Scientific and technological developments in agriculture have made positive contributions to productivity and quality. Animal production has a great contribution to the historical development of humanity. Demand for different agricultural products has increased especially with the increase of the city population. Production pattern and density have changed in order to meet this demand. Thus, the size of the flocks in animal production increased by industrialization of animal production. Especially in the last century, chickens have come to the fore due to their economic production advantages in terms of meeting the animal protein needs of people. In this period, the production of other poultry species is locally carried out with purpose of meat, eggs and ornamental. This production system is called alternative poultry and ornamental bird rearing. Alternative poultries are very important with regard to adding value of the local economy and contributing to biodiversity. In addition, this birds have an important place in the formation of society memories.

It has been observed that alternative poultry rearing has played a role in the economic, biological and cultural development of especially developing countries. Addressing the subject of scientific debate with the participation of stakeholders and to increase the potential in Turkey is important. For this purpose, the congress (I. International Congress of Alternative Poultry and Ornamental Birds, IAPOC 2019) was conducted for the first time in Antalya 8-10 November 2019 in Turkey. The coordination of Turkish Science and Technology Publications (TURSTEP) and hosted by Cyprus West University, “2nd International Journal of Poultry – Ornamental Birds Science and Technology Congress (IJAPOB 2021)”, it is aimed to bring together sector representatives, breeders and researchers on 25-29 October 2021. Our congress, which will be hosted by Cyprus West University, is planned online and will be given live by TURAS TV.

Our congress will be organized on behalf of Prof. Dr. Mesut Türkoğlu, who has made significant scientific contributions tı Turkey Poultry and has trained many scientist.

We are honored to invite you to our congress, with the expectation that you will give your support to our congress.


Owner of the Congress
Prof. Dr. Ömer Camcı Rector of Cyprus West University, Northern Cyprus
Coordinator of the Congress
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şekeroğlu Editor in Chief of IJAPOB, Turkey
Congress Chairs
Prof. Dr. Alper Durak Cyprus West University, Cyprus
Prof. Dr. Hasan Eleroğlu Associate Editor of IJAPOB, Turkey
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Boz Associate Editor of IJAPOB, Turkey
Dr. Demir Özdemir Associate Editor of IJAPOB, Turkey


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