Tuition Fees

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • 65% Scholarship is being offered to all international students in all departments
Academic Year 2020-2021Without Scholarship65% Scholarship70% Scholarship
Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
Business Administration$7,000 $2,450 $2,100
Tourism and Hotel Management$7,000 $2,450 $2,100
Civil Aviation Management$7,000 $2,450 $2,100
Psychology$7,000 $2,450 $2,100
Logistics$7,000 $2,450 $2,100
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Electrical and Electronics Engineering$7,430$2,600$2,230
Computer Engineering$7,430$2,600$2,230
System Information Engineering$7,430$2,600$2,230

Master's Degree Programs

Academic Year 2021-2022Without Scholarship50% Scholarship
Social Science Institute
Master in Business administration (MBA)$6000$3000

Academic Year 2021-202250% Scholarship
MBA Tuition Fees in Detail
Course Fee (Total 7 Courses)300
Seminar Fee50
Thesis Fee600
Registration Fee250
Scientific Foundation Course Fee Free of Charge

Bank Transfer

You can pay your tuition fees by using the university bank information provided in your conditional letter to transfer the fees from a bank.

Please note that after paying either by using Online Payment or Bank Transfer, you need to send the receipt to financial.affairs@cwu.edu.tr

CWU’s Bank Account Information

Bank Account Details (Dollar Account)
Branch Code6820
Account NameHigh Science Educations Ltd.
Account Number ($)6820 -1028201
IBAN ($)TR81 0006 4000 0026 8201 0282 01

Online Payment

You can easily pay the tuition fees by using a credit or debit card. First, you must log in to your Application Tracking System, then click on the Financial section, then choose Online Payment or you can press on the button below and enter to your portal to complete the process.